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Connects to smart home ecosystem - multifunction gateway can be set through mobile App. It can be equipped with smart devices to control mulitiple devices/instructions as required to achieve custom setting for scenarios, functions or linkage.

Powered by Shokz TurboPitch™ Technology



Urbanista - world's first self-charging wireless headphones

Designed for LIFE IN MOTION

Urbanista was born in 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden out of love for cities and urban life. The colourful assortment of lifestyle audio products - including active noise cancelling headphones, true wireless earphones, and bluetooth speakers - don't compromise on either sound quality or style. Drawing inspiration from the world’s greatest cities and rooted in Scandinavian design tradition, our products are sleek, stylish and sound great - providing the soundtrack for a life in motion.


Crazy Cool Bluetooth Speakers

Gravastar team includes engineers, designers, craftsmen, cartoonists, game lovers, music fans, explorers and etc., who worked together to create Gravastar. The ultimate speakers with cool sci-fi design, crazy deep bass and powerful sound.