About Us

We started as a distributor of household & home improvement products since 2016. Throughout the years, we have been working with numerous esteemed partners and diverse group of customers. Other than working with retailers, we are also the official vendor to some of the prominent Cooperative/Koperasi in local presence. We are also actively working with corporate clients for either customized project or special staff purchase. By having numerous inquiries about electronic gadgets and accessories throughout the years, a new division has been set-up in order to better serve the specific group of customers, thus the creation of www.primaniaga.my

Our main objective is to provide a platform that is dedicated to high quality lifestyle and premium gadgets & accessories. Since we always believe in “loyalty by quality”, one of the main criteria for our product selection is not only focusing on the branding alone but the overall of the users' experience & expectation toward the product’s quality & durability. As a team that comprises of passionate members, we are strived to provide excellent services to our esteemed customers. Besides, there is a 7-day return policy that is catered for the shoppers to contemplate their purchases.