Smart Door Lock P9

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Secure your First Line of Defence in Home Security.

Front Door is your first line of defence in Home Security. It is the weakest link in your security chain, making it the most usual point of entry for intruders. PRIMERO P9 gives you worry free assurance, to start monitoring your front door activities effortlessly. By enabling 24/7 Built-In WiFi connectivity with your door lock, you can monitor and control your lock anywhere anytime.

PRIMERO P9 offers the essential needs of a good front door security (i.e.: it has a built-in door bell, digital peephole, anti-prying alarm, remote management, security door system that have multiple encrypted biometric unlocking method). All easily managed with PRIMERO App tuck into the comfort of your mobile phone. 

  • Remote Access : Notification alert, remote unlocking, temporary password etc.
  • 3D Facial Scanning : State of the art 3D facial biometric recognition feature. It has a smart recognition that recognises user with Make-up, Glasses, or wearing a Hat.
  • Door Bell : Built-in Doorbell and receive notification when you are not at home to remote unlock.
  • Digital Peephole : Digital view of your front door without the hassle of drilling a peephole.
  • InfraRed Camera : Built in InfraRed that automatically adapts to different lighting condition for Facial scanning. So that it works even when the lights are turned off.
  • Lithium Ion Battery : The door lock comes equip with a Lithium Ion reserved battery that can be easily recharged or replaced when necessary.
  • Fingerprint Sensor : Semi-conductor Smart Fingerprint sensor, that have a very low false recognition rate. Senior citizens and kids friendly.
  • LED Light Display : Bottom LED light with different color upon triggering of different functions.
  • Built-in WiFi : To ensure accessibility anytime, anywhere, even when you are not at home. Able to view any visitors or receive any intruder alert.
  • Multiple Unlocking Methods : 3D Face Scanning, Fingerprint, Card, Mechanical Key, Card, PIN Code, Smart App, Temporary Pin, Remote Unlocking.